“Arriving or leaving?” Or how our adventure in Iceland began

“Arriving or leaving?” Or how our adventure in Iceland began

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Be aware of the fact that no coconuts and beaches are involved in this story.

Passports – checked, almonds – checked, woollen socks – checked. Let’s go then.

Like snails, but with two houses, one backpack in front and one on the back. Going through the routine stuff, a quick check and then we are on the other side – no man’s land. Butterflies flying in the stomach and in the heart as well. So from 30h airport adventure in front of us, Level 1 completed – Welcome to Berlin.

Fresh and motivated we decided to see how a day passes on the airport. Who needs cultural experience in the heart of Germany, right? And that was only the beginning of 24hours of “The Terminal” movie like waiting for us.



The airport is like a sea of faces moving in an unseen current, flowing like water to their destinations like a wide river down the aisles. There are the small groups that would sometimes stop and cause a small eddy, others would flow around the outside and continue on their way, there are the business passengers being on one from the hundreds trips and couples in love looking forward to their honeymoon. People from all over the world. Alone, together or both. The stories and thoughts of so many people, gathered under one roof, for one day and every day different ones.

Achtung bitte! Changing position, smelly feet 2, Check-in and there we go, three hours of flight, the best beer and a bit of a sleep.

Level 2 completed. Welcome in Keflavik.

We took our houses from the “Strange luggage” platform and looking forward to spending our last hours on airport land we found a tiny place where we will have a siesta. Sleeping in your sleeping bag and having your cosy place is not really tolerated at the airport, or at least on the one that we chose. We were wakened up and asked to remove our nice camp and wait like the others – the same, but just without all your equipment and feeling like you are in the best place on earth to sleep.





Góðan daginn Iceland! 6 am, a new day and new adventures waiting for us. Toothbrush, new socks, warm hat – checked. Then we are ready for our first coffee, 30 degrees transition and first sunrise on volcano earth. It’s nice to use your coffee maker from Vietnam to prepare good coffee on the road – just have to drink it fast, cause it’s hot just for a minute.




Hello, how are you?

Great, thank you!

Are you leaving or arriving?


Ok then, when is your flight?

Oh no, yes we arrived, just leaving from the airport. (It feels like our second home now)

Do we look suspicious? Maria asks the security guard, – Yes, a bit.

Maybe because there are not so many people enjoying the sunrise on a cup cold coffee, 50 metres from the airport

Alright, take care and enjoy Iceland!




After the purplish sky turned into a mixture of orange and yellow we thought it might be good to leave finally the airport world. 5 minutes of waiting and funny Sigurkos took as and made our morning even brighter.







First language lesson – Eyjafjallajökull [ay·ah-fyut·la-yökut·tlh]. Now we know that Eya means island, fjalla – mountain and jökull – glacier. After 10 minutes of repeating the mixture of sounds, we were almost at the right pronouncing.

Voila, Reykjavik. And here I will put an end of the smelly feet’, open hearts’, wide smiles’ and coffee eyes’ story!


Tips for travelling fellows:

Things to do at the airport not to get bored and spend less than 3 euro:

– For the book lovers – dive into a bookstore and collect some new titles, which u can find online or buy after in your home country

– For the coffee lovers – the place where u can recharge a bit not only the battery of your mobile phone and laptop, but also yourself – Starbucks, cheap coffee + keep your americano mug for 60 cents refill, but still, don’t overdose with caffeine.

– Take a stroll in the duty-free shop and make some chocolate testing

– Dance without shoes! There is plenty of space in the lounge zone.


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