My feelings towards Couchsurfing and other free-couch-offering alternatives

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I love travelling. Also offering stuff for free and getting stuff for free. Hence the idea of sharing my couch or floor with the world for nothing in return really fits me like a glove.No less than that I really … Read More

Mud and beauty. From Nong Khiaw to Muang Ngoi, North-eastern Laos

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There is something about Laos that cannot be explained in words or photos. It is just the most magical country I have seen. The truck stops and we jump excited, not believing we arrived successfully. We say goodbye to the guys … Read More

Yes, I speak a little. Why do we try to learn a bit of the local language?

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Because everyone (well, almost) can scream “Wow, you’re beautiful” or “Shit” in the charming Italian language, the melodic, purple sounding french or the professional, quite dry german (in the latter case it sounds to the unfamiliar with the language foreigner … Read More

How I saw the magic of Laos

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It happened somewhere in between: Watching the monks receiving alms in a small village in the early misty morning.                   Feeling the cold mountain air of the far North East Seeing the beauty in: The fisherman boats passing by slowly … Read More

Tiny Asia-s (a note: south eastern part)

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A tiny, humble list of South East Asia moments and all kind of little things. Sunset above the Mekong, when the sun is so pink and so red and so orange. The fishermen are coming home after work. Papaya salad, … Read More