The Wild West of Iceland

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Raw. Rough. Rainy.Rural. I am trying to list all adjectives I know starting with R and also to describe the raw, rough, rainy peninsula in west Iceland named Snaefelsness. North Atlantic ocean in the North and South of the peninsula, … Read More

Faces of Hoi An

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The Faces of Hoi An A boy I know once said Hoi An is a vortex – a place which draws people and makes it hard for them to leave. He came for a few days, stayed more than a … Read More

A day in Hoi An

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The day starts earlier than I can make a habit for myself. But when in Vietnam do as Vietnamese do. Trying to accommodate this philosophy I wake up in these hours when in our country the whole city sleeps and … Read More

All dressed in white. Wat Tam Wua forest monastery

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I have been interested in what is meditation for the past year. I wondered if it is this really deep thing for only special people who don’t consume chocolate and wine. What happens when you meditate? Is it true it … Read More

Where the birds fly away in the winter

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There the sunset is so pink, so orange and so always at 18 pm. There everything tastes spicy and smells of coconuts. There the hermits fight for new shells and you can find a jellyfish as tiny as a vitamin … Read More