Ha Giang, Vietnam. High mountains and high gender inequality

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We are driving through the rugged mountain roads in the most remote part of Vietnam – Ha Giang province in the very North next to the border with China. Ha Giang is also one of the least populated and poorest … Read More

Faces of Hoi An

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The Faces of Hoi An A boy I know once said Hoi An is a vortex – a place which draws people and makes it hard for them to leave. He came for a few days, stayed more than a … Read More

A day in Hoi An

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The day starts earlier than I can make a habit for myself. But when in Vietnam do as Vietnamese do. Trying to accommodate this philosophy I wake up in these hours when in our country the whole city sleeps and … Read More

Yes, I speak a little. Why do we try to learn a bit of the local language?

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Because everyone (well, almost) can scream “Wow, you’re beautiful” or “Shit” in the charming Italian language, the melodic, purple sounding french or the professional, quite dry german (in the latter case it sounds to the unfamiliar with the language foreigner … Read More

A tiny cup of tea in Vietnam

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Your hands are freezing. So is your nose, fingers and eyelids. It is already two hours that you haven’t left the seat of the motorbike, riding through the mountains, on dusty roads, passing by other travelers, by women carrying heavy … Read More

His name is Good Morning Vietnam (or how we bought a motorbike by just having a beer hoi)

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His name is Good morning Vietnam. Maybe he is not as young and pretty as he had once been, but Good Morning Vietnam has aged gracefully and I am sure he keeps many secrets of past adventures. It’s seven o’clock … Read More

Tiny Asia-s (a note: south eastern part)

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A tiny, humble list of South East Asia moments and all kind of little things. Sunset above the Mekong, when the sun is so pink and so red and so orange. The fishermen are coming home after work. Papaya salad, … Read More