The Wild West of Iceland

The Wild West of Iceland

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Raw. Rough. Rainy.Rural. I am trying to list all adjectives I know starting with R and also to describe the raw, rough, rainy peninsula in west Iceland named Snaefelsness.

North Atlantic ocean in the North and South of the peninsula, holding it in a salty, wild embrace. Black beaches composed of lava. The waves of the ocean ruthlessly dancing and crashing against the black cliffs.

Black lava rocks
Black lava rocks on the west coast near the black beach Djúpalónssandur


Djúpalónssandur – the black beach



Steep rocky mountains and volcanoes looking like pyramids and a new waterfall to be seen every few minutes (of driving, straight from the car, yes!).

Endless lava fields covered with the greenest moss coming like strange waves from the glacier. I stand there, in the middle of the lava sea and can very well picture how hundreds of thousands of years ago this landscape was being shaped. The black stones I am going through were red, hot lava, flowing on the sides of the Snæfellsjökull volcano. Now the moss has crawled around and wrapped the black stones, creating an image of contrast that makes my head dizzy after several hours of trekking through the fields.

Lava fields close to the glacier


Where is Anton?


Real nice hike through the lava and moss.



Old fishermen house on the coast


The famous rock with whole named Gatklettur.


The Snæfellsjökull glacier stands like a guardian of the peninsula – its white peak and wrinkly, grey slopes against the blue sky.



Very nice.

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